My iPhone Music.

As I grow in faith I find my music tastes have expanded to include Gospel Music. I wanted to share my top 10 Gospel songs on my iPhone. On a side note most of the songs I have were suggested to me by my Amazing wife.

1. “Who am I?” –Elivs Presley, Words & Music by Carl Stuart Hamblen by R. Goodman

2. “How Great Thou Art”— I have this by several different artists but my favorite is Elvis, It is based on a Swedish poem by Carl Gustav Boberg.

3. “Amazing Grace”, again Various artists including Johnny Cash, Words & music John Henry Newton

4. “Sing Low Sweet Chariot”, Etta James, first written by Wallis Willis

5. “Immaculate Marry”, Kathryn Crosweller, written by Abbe Gaignet

6. “Peace In the Valley”, Elivs Presley, written by Thomas A. Dorsey

7. “Where Could I Go But to the Lord”, Elvis Presley Words & music by J.B Coats

8. “Here I Am, Lord”, St. Louis Jesuits and Dan Schutte, Words and Music by Daniel L. Schutte

9. “It’s No Secret (Take 13)”, Elvis Presley, Words and Music by Carl Stuart Hamblen

10. “Where You There, When Then They Crucified My Lord?” , Johnny Cash, The original author is unknown, but it was an African-American spiritual song

That is my top ten but I have many others that I like as well.

The Wretch.

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