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RIP Fr. Ed

Today the priest that officiated at my wedding has been called home to God.   He was more than just an officiant or a priest to me, he was a friend.   When I first met Fr. Ed it was with my then fiancee (who is now my wife), the first thing he said to me is that it will mean more to us when we get married if we attended church regularly.  I took this to  heart and hadn’t been to Mass in a long time.   From that Sunday on I was at 7:00AM Mass every Sunday and Father Ed was there to shake my hand and say hello after Mass.  


Father Ed had a great sense of humor.  One day he came walking down the aisle before Mass talking to someone and I was kneeling to pray when he patted me on the back and said to the person he was walking with in a humorous manner “ This is Frank he is always deep in prayer.”  Then he topped himself at Mass another time he was processing in and my wife and I were in the first pew, he leaned over as he was walking to the altar and said just loud enough  me and  and my wife to hear it “Frank, stop singing you’re scaring people away.”.  I had all I could do to not start laughing out loud.  The next time he got me at Mass was at my Wedding when he announced to the guests as my wife stood beside me “This is the part where Frank starts crying.”  


He was a great priest, person and friend.  My wife and I got the pleasure of his company to watch a football game and dinner at our place and watch a Baseball game at the rectory.  We were up talking to about 2:00AM the game was over about 10:00PM or so.  

After he left our local parish I only saw him a couple more times.  Once for confession, once for a Mass, and the third time he and I went out for dinner and drinks.  I wish I had contacted him more but life gets in the way sometimes.  I will always have fond memories of Fr. Ed.  He is with the Father in heaven, may he Rest in Peace.


Matthew 4:19 He said to them, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
O Lord, we pray Thee that the soul of Thy priest, Thy servant Ed, which, while he abode in this world, Thou didst adorn with sacred gifts, may ever rejoice in a glorious place in heaven. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.





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