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My Road To Damascus

Today seems like the right day to start blogging again. 

   While facing a slight bit of writers block it came to me, my personal faith journey and how it started in my adult life. 

   It was my own personal road to Damascus sort of speak. God’s plan for my conversion started way before I was aware.

 Being brought up Catholic I went through the motions of CCD and all the sacraments you receive. This brought me to the start of God’s plan. I needed a Comfirmation sponsor. My answer was easy, it would be my grandfather. He was the most faithful man I had ever known. When I asked him he said no, he was suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s and was afraid he would forget what to say. So I asked my grandmother to be my sponsor and she agreed. 

    Fast forward some years later and me not going to church or having any religion in my life.  God had not forgotten me. He meet me where I was.  My grandfather passed away, it was a very sad time for me. The strongest person during this time was my grandmother due to her faith.   

Several months later I was thinking about her and how she would go to Mass every Sunday morning with my grandfather 8:00 Mass second pew on the right. Now she was there alone. I decided this wasn’t right, so I started to attend Mass with her on Sundays. (I did miss a few Sundays)  

This act on my part I thought was for her but it ended up being for me. God had brought me back through my Grandmother. This was my eye opening and initial conversion, My Road to Damascus. 

I have and do stumble sometimes but God brings me back, thanks to wonderful people in my life, my wife and my daughter and to this day my grandmother. 

“Was blind, but now I see. “


The Wretch 

Please excuse any bad grammar or typos my proof reader (my wife) is away. 

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