Saint Joseph

In recent days I have been reflecting on Saint Joseph the foster father of Jesus and spouse of our Blessed Mother. I have been looking to him as a role model for me and all husbands and fathers. He stood patiently in the background raising our savior along side his wife Mary. When I hem and haw about my honey-do list and think what a pain in the butt, I need to remember these menial tasks pale in comparison to the task Joseph undertook when he accepted Gods call to be a husband to Mary and a foster father to Jesus. He did this without question. He did not require praise or people validating what he was doing. He was doing what a husband and father have the privilege to do, love his wife and child. So the next time I feel like I’m unappreciated or complaining about taking out the trash I only have to do what imagine Saint Joseph did and see that what I do is for the good of my family. I need to remember that the smiles and love from my wife and daughter are reward enough.


The Wretch

    A Father’s Prayers of Petition

As the guardian of my family, that I constantly instill Catholic values, I pray to the Lord.

When I am discouraged and weary, give me the grace to be strong, I pray to the Lord.

To be a source of patience, understanding and love to my family, I pray to the Lord.

To teach my children always to do Your will, using the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph as examples, I pray to the Lord.

Help me willingly and joyfully to accept the sacrifices I must make for the common good of my family, I pray to the Lord.

Help me to instill in my children a love for Jesus and His Church so that they will be witness to others, I pray to the Lord.

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2 thoughts on “Saint Joseph

  1. This is beautifully written! It makes me think that in essence, all parents are really just caring for children who belong to God far more than they belong to us. It is very humbling!

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