Reflections from the weekend.

This past weekend was great. The weather was wonderful and we were able to grill outside on Sunday. God truly blessed us with a great day. The day started off with me going to the final RCIA class of the year. My wife who also went through the program and has been on the team for a few years now she was not able to do it because of our new baby, so I filled in. It was a great experience overall. I was able to lead a few of the classes, my favorite of the section I got to teach on Prayer. Prayer is an essential part of Catholic life. A prayer can be as simple as saying Thank you God. One book that I recommend is “To Whom Shall We Go? Lessons From the Apostle Peter” by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Arch Bishop of New York, not just for it’s section on ways to pray but because it is a great book to assist in living a wonderful and fulfilling spiritual and Christian Life. I have read a few of Cardinal Dolan’s books and have been pleased with them all. Now to get back to my weekend, after the RCIA class, my wife, daughter, and I attended Mass. I get such a warm feeling at Mass with my family sitting there and knowing God is smiling down at us. We have taken my daughter since the first week she came home from the hospital and she has been great every time so far, thank God. Our Deacon who is in charge of the RICA program stopped by our pew as he always does on Sundays and asked my wife if she would be on the RICA team next year again and she said yes she would be on the team again. The deacon suggested we do it as a team and said that he knows it will be good because as he sees it, as a married couple we are a great team. That made my heart fill with happiness, I know my wife and I are great team but to hear someone actually validate this point is a wonderful testament to our marriage. In many ways this was a blessed and wonderful weekend.

As I stated in an earlier post about the items being collected for mothers in need, I go the name of the organization so that if you are able to help you can contact them. Friends of the Unborn in Quincy, MA.


The Wretch

Husband’s Prayer

O gracious Father, Maker and Preserver of heaven and earth, who in the beginning didst institute matrimony, thereby foreshadowing the mystical union of the Church with our Savior Christ, who, during His ministry upon earth, did honor marriage with His first miracle: help me, I pray Thee, by Thy grace to live in holiness and purity with the wife whom Thou hast given me. Mortify in me all violence of earthly passion, all selfishness and inconsiderateness (here name any besetting sin which may be a hindrance to you), that I may love her as Christ loved His Church, cherish and comfort her as my own body, and have as great care for her happiness as for my own. Grant that we may live in peace, without contention; in unity, without discord. [Give us, O Lord, discreet heart and understanding minds, to bring up our children in Thy faith and fear, that they may be obedient to Thee and to Thy commandments, and to all that Thou requirest of them in their duties towards their parents.] And give us, O Lord, a sufficiency of those things necessary to maintain ourselves and our family according to that rank and calling wherein Thou hast placed us, without excess or vainglory, in singleness and pureness of heart. Grant this for Jesus Christ’s sake, to Whom, with Thee and the Holy Ghost, be all honor and glory, now and for ever.


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